Free Do-It-Yourself Credit Guide       

We appreciate you using our service! We created this free do it yourself credit repair guide to easily help get you started today on improving your credit score.


5 simple ways to start rebuilding your credit.

1.      Know your Credit Score

2.      Remove any incorrect items for your credit report

3.      Obtain a Secure Credit Card

4.      Have your rent reported to the Credit Bureau (like a mortgage payment is)

5.      Pay all bills including utilty bills in a timely manner.

We will walk you through each step and provide links to make it as easy as possible. ††These steps are either free or a very low cost method for you to start rebuilding your credit today!

IMPORTANT **Bookmark this page so you can return after you complete each step.

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Step 1: Credit Karma Click this link to get your credit score for free. (no credit card required). Free Service.

Knowing your credit score now gives you an idea of your current credit situation, and will allow you to start planning out your future credit.


Step 2: Click this link to get your detailed credit report from all 3 credit bureaus.

Free Service. This will allow you to identify any items that have been reported in error.

*Tip Ė Go over each report very closely. Look for any and all items that could be removed. You can get this complete report free each year to monitor your progress

(Remove incorrect items) - this link will help you purchase all the forms necessary to remove any and all items that you found on your credit report that are false or incorrect.

Tip - It is invaluable to remove as many items as possible and the correct forms make it easy and efficient.

Step 3: First Progress Platinum Horizon Mastercard Click this link to obtain a secure credit card.

Monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus to establish credit history, unlike a prepaid credit card.
No Credit History or Minimum Credit Score Required for Approval
Interest rate varies monthly starting somewhere around 15%. Annual charge of $39.


Tip - It is also important to make sure that you keep your new balance on the credit card under half of your credit limit.If you have existing cards you should start paying down your balance on any exsisting cards and to keep it under half of your credit limit on these cards as well.This shows that you are able to manage your monthly credit.It also will reduce your monthly interest payment.

Step 4: Click this link to get your Rent reported to the Credit Bureaus just like a mortgage is.

This service costs only -$14.95/ monthly

Did you know your monthly rental payments are not reported on your credit report? Most people are not aware of this fact. There is little known way that has just become available through one of the credit reporting agencies, that for a small monthly fee your landlord can report your on time monthly payments on your credit report.Just let your landlord know that you will include the monthly payment in your rent.This is a great way to use a payment that you are making every month count toward your stable credit history.


Step 5: Nothing is more important than paying your bills on time!

Some more great credit rebuilding tips straight from the credit reporting agencies:

Making sure to pay bills on time is the most important factor in having a good credit score. Even if you only owe a small amount, not paying it on time can have serious consequences to your credit score!

-Donít get behind on payments.

-Keep your credit cards paid down to at least half of your credit limit.

How long before my credit score is higher?

Rebuilding your credit score really means keeping up with paying your bills long enough for negative factors that are currently on your credit to fall off.

  • Delinquencies last seven years.
  • Bankruptcies can last 7- 10 years
  • Unpaid tax liens remain for 15 years.
  • Inquiries remain on your report for two years.

There is no quick fix to rebuilding your credit score but by taking positive steps now you can plan to improve your credit score for the future.

If you find items on your credit report that are inaccurate, you may be able to have them removed.

       Using the tips above can make repairing your credit considerably easier.

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