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>> What next now that you've applied?  

      Here are the 5 most important things you need to know before and after visiting the dealership:

   1.   Know your credit score. In most cases your loan will be based off of what is on your credit. By knowing if your credit score and report is accurate you can be assured of getting the absolute best possible interest rate. Credit Karma is a free way to check your credit score.

2.   Start rebuilding your credit by getting a credit card. UPside Prepaid Visa works like a checking account. Write personal checks online. Free direct deposit. FDIC. UPside has the lowest consumer fees and the most features of any prepaid card available. Free direct deposit and no activation fee.

3.   What you need to bring to the dealership. When you visit a dealership it makes it easy when you have everything that you need with you. Your driverís license, proof of residence (such as gas or cable bill), proof of employment (check stub), and in some cases recommendation letters from friends and family. These are usually all that is required, but each dealership could need something additional depending on the situation. Make sure to check with them before you visit.

4.   Win $100 in gas just for leaving us your feedback about our service. See details here

5.   Finally, don't forget to buy car insurance. Here's a site that compares auto insurance companies to get you the lowest quote: US Insurance

       Using the tips above can give you peace of mind and will make the process of buying a car easier.

       Good luck and enjoy your new car!